Faith Friends Preschool has been just an overall incredible experience for my 4 year old and my family. My son always looks forward to going to school and loves to tell us all about what he's learned throughout the day. I love the fact that the lessons are Christ centered. That children are learning curriculum that actually is at their learning level and challenges them in positive ways. The teachers are very loving and dedicated and you can see they are having just as much fun as the kids, which makes the environment unlike any other I've ever seen. I know that every day when I drop him off he's going to have the best day and that he is being equipped with the knowledge of God and a love for both school and the Lord.



    My daughter has thrived in this loving, caring, and understanding environment. She is four years old and has struggled with nonverbal autism... Now she is involved with all the same activities that the other children are and has even started to play with the other kids on her own accord without being prompted. This daycare is amazing. They have helped the other kids to accept my child even though she is different.

    She has made leaps and bounds in her social skills and is very happy to go to school there. I can tell a huge difference in her attitude towards the people that work with her. She wants to be with them. It melts my heart to know that they look at my child as a person and not a burden... They are all very involved in her care and take special efforts to make sure she feels comfortable.



    My 3 year old son enjoys this preschool so much that he wants to go EVERYDAY. This is when you know this is an awesome place. It is NOT just my son... I also personally experience the LOVE of the teachers. They are so loving, they love your kids, they discipline them in a Godly way and with a calm voice. They teach your kids about God and Jesus and they pray during lunch. There are beach days, play time, story time, nap time, fun time and HEALTHY food for kids (not the microwavable box kind). As a parent, I am big time on "LOVE", discipline, Jesus centered lessons, and healthy food that feeds into this little precious child.

    My son always comes back happy and….as 'clean' as when he went to preschool in the morning.

    This is a great preschool, reasonably priced, serving healthy food, and most important is the kind of love - God's Love in the teachers' heart. You would make a great choice by sending your kids to this preschool. Oh by the way, we are just waiting for our 2nd child to be 2.5 years old to be able to send her to preschool.

    Michael and Lay Lay